The Three Components Of The Criminal Justice System

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Francois Degboe
B. Robinson
Intro to Criminal Justice
07 September 2017 Most people don’t know about the three major components of the criminal justice system, but, in this paper the reader will know what they are. The reader will also read about how the three components interrelate to one another, and also how the conflict one another. The
Three major components are Law Enforcements, Courts, and the Correctional System. According to Victims of crimes, Law Enforcement is when officers take reports for crimes that happen in their areas, officers investigate crimes and gather and protect evidence, Law Enforcement officers may arrest offenders, give testimony during the court process, and conduct follow-up investigations if needed. …show more content…

Another thing they do that shows that they work together to protect the citizen of the country is that the police department investigates and solves the crime, and the court's sentence the criminal for his punishment, and the corrections fulfills the sentence that was given by the court. According to Criminal Find Laws, the cases will start with the officials of the Law Enforcement who will investigate the crime, and during this investigation evidence will be gathered and used against the person accused. At this point the case makes its way down to the court where the evidence will be used to see if he’s guilty, and if he was they would sentence him based on his crimes. After getting sentence the corrections will make sure the sentence is carried out, that’s when the correction makes sure that he is punished and his behavior is corrected. The three major components interrelate to each other also tells the reader that they not only work together but they also balances off of each other to make everything go smoothly. Another way that the major components interrelate is that all three works with the three branches of the government. The major components don’t only interrelate but they also conflict each other, just like everything else they are not perfect.

Now, that even the three major components are perfect, here is one way that conflict each other. According to

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