Three Tier Model

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How are schools able to assure parents that their children are getting the resources they need to work at their utmost potential? Schools have an obligation to guarantee that all students, whether on grade-level or not, are receiving an education that is beneficial and meets the needs of every student. All children should have an opportunity to be successful even if they face challenges that may impair their ability to learn at an age-appropriate pace. Therefore, schools have to provide some sort of support system to help struggling students. Mississippi has developed a Three Tier Model of Instruction. This model was put into place to ensure that all students are receiving the proper instruction they need to succeed and grow. Response…show more content…
Once results from the universal screener are available, it will show the students that may not be able to perform at grade-level. Therefore, the child will need to receive outside resources to supplement the reading curriculum that is provided in the classroom. A teacher may pull these students 2-3 times a week in small groups to provide a more in-depth level of instruction. These students will be closely monitored, as well. The teacher will log and record all time spent on interventions with each student. This information will help keep track of each student’s progress over time. The Tier Team will also be able to use this information to make adjustments on either the amount of time the student spends on these interventions as well as the level of difficulty. The teacher will also use this information to progress monitor each student receiving interventions. RTI uses a similar method. Once the child has been exposed to the curriculum being presenting to all students in the classroom, but is still showing signs of difficulty, as the screener had indicated in the beginning, the method of intervention will begin. The student will be assigned interventions to target the exact problem areas shown on the screener. The student will also be progress monitored using different assessments along the way to make sure that the child is reacting and responding appropriately. The student’s progress will also be charted so that it is made clear whether or not the interventions are causing the student to grow or decline while receiving this small group
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