Three Time's The Charm

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The trio was already the hottest new topic of Ouran Academy. On the first day, they refused to wear the frilly, butter-yellow uniform, and instead, chose it over with a tank top and jeans, dyed with the dull color of slate. At first sight, however, it only gain a little bit of attention. They only became popular when their talents were revealed...and their unique personalities. The eldest of the triplets, named Aeraque was the artsy, musical, and the reserved one, she was the least popular. Then the middle child, Argentum - the discerning, intelligent, somewhat rancorous (and polite) and also quiet. The youngest, but most ostentatious one was known as Aurum, the scornful, rude, and vigorous one. The first day, and the youngest of the three was already abashing the students. The boys - minus those from a certain club, were disappointed. They wanted the new girls to be ingenues, but instead, they turn out to be anti-social or bitter. But that wasn't another reason they were so exalt - they were the children of two famous families. The upper Imperial branch, alongside with the Abandonato family. At first, when they were discovered, everyone, of course, tried to befriend them, to find out that they were...not what they expected. Despise the flaw, they refused to be so compliant, and continued to pester them. Each of their response were different. Aeraque's response was silence. Argentum's was a ceremonious rejection and
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