Throughout History, The Roles Of Genders Have Acted In

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Throughout history, the roles of genders have acted in many different ways. Women seemed to be considered fragile, while men were the strong and emotionless. Coming into the light in the 1920’s was Ernest Hemingway’s novel that switched these positions. Hemingway displayed gender roles in The Sun also Rises in a cunning new way. The traditional ways of the 1920’s for men and women were incorporated into his novel making the reversed roles more realistic to his readers. From the beginning to the end of the novel, Hemingway included points that challenged the stereotypical roles of men and women. To start the novel, Jake Barnes begins to describe Robert Cohn and his time as a “Middleweight Boxing Champion.” Even though this position can be …show more content…
Jake not only indicates that him and Brett could have been good together, he also speaks for all of the characters in the sense that everyone has their dreams that can not be fulfilled. The best any of them could do was indulge in their fantasies. Not only does Hemingway show the reversed roles of the character’s mentally, but he also shows it by the way of their actions and physical appearance. When Brett was first introduced in the novel, she came into a club with a group of homosexual men. Other than the fact that homosexuals were considered odd and unethical in the 1920’s, Jake felt uncomfortable by their presence. The matter of Jake being unable to reproduce and these men who were obviously capable of such an activity but refused to use it in that way made Jake insecure and weaker in his own mind. According to Dana Fore (2010), “...Jake will never achieve the psychological stability he craves because...his injury-and other ideas, in turn, will always leave him vulnerable to the fear that he will ‘degenerate’ into an invalid or a ‘pervert’.”Along with the fact she was in the company of these men, she was dressed in a very non-traditional way. Hemingway stated in chapter 3, Jake Barnes described Brett as, “...damn good-looking. She wore a slipover jersey....her hair was brushed back like a boy’s,” (p.30). Many ways that Jake had described Brett were expressing how she did not have the typical looks of a traditional woman, but
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