Throughout The United States There Has Always Been A Big

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Throughout the United States there has always been a big debate on whether or not abortion is ethically acceptable or not. Though many individuals see it as killing a child, many others can overlook that burden and see the consequences of having a child at that point in time. Individuals who are put in a pregnancy situation and have to look into all aspects of an abortion and the reasons for this procedure, while also realizing the biological development of the fetus, and the process of an abortion.

Though abortion is nobody’s first option when it comes to unexpected pregnancy, sometimes it truly is the last option available. There is a wide range of reasons to get a abortion done, some are even life threatening to the mother herself. …show more content…

Biological development of a fetus is vary rapid and complex over the nine-month period in the womb. When both the male spermatozoon and the female ovum combine it forms what is called a zygote which holds the twenty-three pairs of chromosomes. The zygote or the embryo undergoes cell division and makes its way to the uterine wall to implant itself, this process is completed about ten days after conception. By the end of the eighth week the organ systems have formed and human characteristics can start to be noticed. From the eighth week until birth the embryo is now labeled a fetus. Quickening can occur from the sixteenth week until birth, this is where the mother can feel the fetus moving. Around the twenty-second week viability can take place, this is where the fetus can survive outside the womb. The nine-month period of being pregnant is split into different trimesters. With the different trimesters there are different abortion procedures can be used to remove the fetus.

When considering the removal of a fetus you have to consider the development of the embryo and what type of procedure needs to be done. There are several different types of procedures that can take place to abort a fetus but, two main types are the medical and surgical abortions. Within this two categories there are different procedures. There are two different procedures that fall under the medical abortions, the morning after pill and the RU486 (mifepristone). The first option is the

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