Throwing Strikes by R.A. Dickey and About R.A. Dickey Essay

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The book, Throwing Strikes, by R.A. Dickey is a fascinating biography about the author, a 39yearold knuckle ball pitcher who currently plays Major League Baseball for the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team. R.A. Dickey tells the story in an informal, conversational writing style written in first person about his struggles in the beginning of his baseball career, and how he miraculously turns his career around after getting advice and working with his idol, Phil Niekro, a former Atlanta Braves ballplayer who was nicknamed "Knucksie" because of his usage and skill level with the knuckleball.
Throwing Strikes was first copyrighted in 2013, which coincidentally is the same year that
R.A. Dickey, at age 38 received the Cy Young award — becoming …show more content…

Luckily, his hard work started to pay off, and Dickey moved back up the ranks with the Rangers. He played decent there, but then got traded and while using the knuckleball as his primary pitch, Dickey got back on top. It took a lot of faith, hope, and determination, but R.A. Dickey achieved his dream of making it into the major leagues. Now, he’s one of the most respected pitchers in the game and proof that with hard work and devotion, anyone can overcome whatever life throws at them.
Although the author did not state the exact purpose of writing his biography, I believe R.A. Dickey shared his amazing baseball story in order to encourage and inspire young readers like me, reinforcing throughout his biography that hard work and dedication pays off.
The theme of the book is “to never give up on your dream.” Even if you think your goal seems impossible, it never hurts to dream big. That is exactly what R.A. Dickey did. R.A. Dickey’s dream since he was a little kid was to be a pitcher in the Major Leagues. But once he got there, he struggled. Phil
Niekro told R.A. Dickey, “If you want to be the best, you have TO BE the best.” R.A. took that to heart, and from that point on really worked harder than ever to be the best knuckleball pitcher ever. Every practice R.A. worked his butt off and in the games he pitched in, he used all his power, blood, sweat and tears and put it to work. Luckily R.A. Dickey’s dream paid off, and he gets paid millions

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