Tiamat Research Paper

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Okay students, today we shall learn about Tiamat. For those who don’t know me, I’m the dwarf they call the Prof. In the front row we have the dwarf they call Stud or was it Dud? She’s my daughter who I named, Alice. But back to Tiamat, the first dragon goddess and she is also the sea itself. At the river delta, she mates with Absu. Do we all know about the delta? Male virgins may fail to grasp this cartoon, but many of you may know this from the movie, The Revenge of the Nerds.

Ha… Ha… Ha.... Hair pie.

Yes, I took a picture of yours this morning while you slept.

Your mom burned you, bad.

Shutup, Marcy.

Does anyone know why the Sahara went dry?

She went dry when she lost her lover.

Does anyone else know the name of the lover, my daughter …show more content…

Tiamat has been called the chaos dragon, the dragon mother, or the dragon goddess, but what Tiamat is is life. River deltas create the richest and most fertile lands. Love between Tiamat and Absu make those lands the most prized possessions on this planet.

Enki fought a dragon named Kur and Enki represents order; held the sacred Mes, so Enki may be an early day St. George if Kur is another Chaos dragon.

Possibly, but that's enough for now. You will read more about Tiamat and her children before our next class. For the rest of this class, I will go over the syllabus and answers questions. One last note about Tiamat; she is most likely the mythology source for Delphyne, the dragon guardian of the Delphi Oracles.

Tiamat ruled my dreams last night. Only the thrusts of Florida gave me peace. Males have a center to their existence—their penis. Women are the chaotic ocean. When the drug allowed me to merge with the male mind, I felt centered for the first time. Everything came down to—Fuck it.

Alice… I mean Al. You said you wanted me to call you Al, right?

Yes, Christina, but go on with want you want to say.

Charley didn’t find out much about the Kaleb fellow. She says he lives a boring …show more content…

No, they fight for the guy’s money, and the money gives them power. Others in the cult play the game different. Notice the flood of money coming from Sarasota to the sororities. Lambda Lambda Pi and the other sorority, Phi Chi Mu Pi, don’t always share the same money streams. Elizabeth Olds has a link to Djuna Barnes and Les Ruches. This other set, of funds, comes from Billboard Magazine and Ringling.

Billboard of the Billboard Music Awards?

Yes, but they began as a Carny magazine. They advertised for circus and carnival supplies then they started making a jukebox hit list. Donaldson, the owner moved next to Ringling’s mansion, in Sarasota. I ran this info in our archives. Let’s check before and after the Civil War.

The money coming from Jacksonville, in the nineteenth century, surprised me.

I suspected, so I’m not surprised. Your access to the Jacksonville brothel records helps clear the picture, though. The brothels helped fund FSU’s years as a female-only college. When Flagler moved south, the cult center moved to Gibsonton.

The early St. Augustine records need

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