Tiger Cubs Essay

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From a cute kitten to strong wild animal – 12 Pictures
They are wild, strong and frightening, because they are tigers. It is in their nature to make you respect them and feel obedient in front of them. But, at the time they are small kittens, they are just too sweet to stay in the distance. Enjoy the cuteness in the following lines.
A tasteful stick
Is this stick tasteful and good for biting? This little tiger decided to explore the surroundings and to check if the material is good enough for his teeth. Can you believe this sweet animal will grow up to the real fighters during the time?
I'm so sleepy, please don't bother me
“Can you people just leave me alone? No, I am not the tiger you are looking for, don't expect me to bite you. I just want to sleep, oh I need that very much.” Well, this …show more content…

Humans like to play with them and cuddle them. Their brothers and sisters are full of love and understanding. What else you can wish to have?
Are you my family?
Small and innocent tiger cubs who never met their real parents can be confused. But, you will agree this monkey is doing the job very good. It is not important to take care only of your kind, as showing a big heart is the most beautiful thing in this world.
Sleepy player
There is no place like home. Sleeping in your own bed is the best thing for everyone, even for this little kitten. Yes, he looks so tiny and helpless, but one day he will grow in a big mighty cat that will run for the pray.
Stop tickling me!
Do you think little tigers enjoy tickling? Although this one looks like he enjoys, he still acts like an angry wild animal that wants to bite someone around. Isn't he cute in all trials to defend himself?
May I be closer?
The cute little cub is trying to say “May I sleep a bit closer to you? My brother and sister are beside your back-legs, but can I just jump on your front-legs mom?” Being a baby is such a good thing.
Don't make me

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