Tim Burton 's Work As A Director

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Tim Burton is well known for his work as a director. He has been nominated for several awards. Among these are; two Oscars, one Golden Globe, five Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films, and several Hugo Awards (Tim Burton Awards). Besides being a director of many of Hollywood 's greatest films, he is also an accomplished illustrator, painter, screenwriter, and producer. From his early days at The California Institute of Arts, to his current film projects, Burton has always had an ability to transfer his perceptions in to a visual medium. His visual style is often a mix of fantasy, Gothic, and horror (Tim Burton Bio A&E). Timothy Walter Burton was born in the shadow of the Hollywood Hills in Burbank, California, on August 25, 1958. He grew up the son of seemingly distant parents who were also a bit odd. His father, who was injured early in his career as a professional baseball player, worked for the City of Burbank Sports Department. His mother owned a cat-themed gift shop (for cats) called Cats Plus. Burton 's room had two large windows that overlooked the yard, but his parents boarded them up (Pringle). My parents covered the windows in my bedroom for insulation, with a little slit at the top to let in light. I’ve always related to Edgar Allen Poe, who wrote several stories about being buried alive. I always felt a dark unhappiness permeating the air in their house (Fraga 167). Oddly enough, one of the staples of his films, there is usually an overly

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