Timurid Mihrab Essay

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In the Timurid Mihrab, the artist uses line, high relief, and vibrant primary and secondary colors to convey a sense of whimsical but organized piece, emphasis of line and color, thus representing the feel of the Timurid era, and harmonious aesthetics of Islamic tile work.
This piece was created in the second half of the 14th century between(c. 1370-1507), and has believed to be used as an adornment to mosques, mausoleums, and other dynastic buildings.

The colors of the Timurid Mihrab, white, cyan, and blue do a great job of catching the eye and leading into what is initially the perimeter then the dark blue and then the cyan which is the emphasis of the art piece. The colors make it stand out even more thanks to the glaze on the tile causing
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The dark blue on the exterior seems to have a dark value, but the most eye-catching part of the artwork accentuates the value of the color cyan, which makes the piece light up and easily brightens it therefore making it come to life. Along with the color, the most obvious and appealing part of the Timurid Mihrab is the line used in the carvings while they are not the most common line we automatically think of, they are organic and asymmetrical and thats what makes it so beautiful and distinct. The more you look at it the more your mind wants to look for a pattern or a specific way the lines are organized, if you look closely you can see that these lines create flowers, leaves and palmettes. The outline of the center tends to act as a guide for your eyes and additionally the vine-like lines mark the perimeter of what almost seems to be the shape of a cross. The dark blue part of the piece has the same type of natural and spontaneous lines that just brings the whole artwork together. Additionally the white line or the border is seen almost as
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