Tips for Securing Wireless Networks

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Tips for Securing Wireless Networks • Change Default Administrator Usernames and Passwords Routers or access points are installed in wireless home networks , manufacturers provide Web pages to help setting up these devices , these pages allow such networks’ owner to login their accounts and network address and they are protected with a username and a passphrase to make sure that nobody can gain access to the networks but them , so it is recommended that you change these usernames and passphrases since they are kind of known by hackers and they might crack it simply [4] . • Turn off Identifier Broadcasting Identifier Broadcasting is a way to announce the existence or the presence of a wireless network in the area , it is actually a mechanism that sends signals to all the devices in this environments informing them about the ability to connect to this network , almost every wireless router has this mechanism , so it is recommended that you turn off Identifier Broadcasting ( if possible or allowed by the device ) if you already know that there is a network in the area , since hackers might take advantage of this mechanism to gain access to the network . • Public Hot Spots Are Not Always Secure Wireless networks are offered by many restaurants , hotels , cafes and other public places to their customers , but connecting to such a free wireless network might cause your device some issues regarding to security , if possible reduce the use of such networks [6] . • Turn on

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