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Tissue Engineering Tissue engineering, labeled by Time.com as the number one hottest job for the 21st century, holds great potential for medicine and the treatment of chronic diseases and disorders. With tissue engineering, familiar problems like the rejection of foreign tissue by the body, the severe shortage of organ donors, and the inefficiency of artificial devices may be solved. However, this cutting edge biotechnology has already spurred intense controversy over the ethics and morality of creating spare human body parts. The goal of tissue engineering is to grow tissues and neo-organs that can be used for transplants. Tissue engineers must first decide what type of cell they want to use and stimulate to grow. Because animal…show more content…
In addition to giving the growing cells a shape to grow into, the scaffold distributes the cells about 2-3 mm apart and allows the cells better access to nutrients and means of waste removal, which is important when trying to grow an evenly distributed functioning organ. For larger, solid organs, such as the liver, pancreas, and kidneys, blood vessels need to be created so the organs have adequate blood supply. By covering the engineered organs with growth factors, angiogenesis, the formation of new vasculature, can be prompted. Although tissue engineers and researchers have already succeeded with creating new skin, blood vessels, bone and cartilage, the more complex organs are difficult to reproduce because of their different functions. Researchers must also be concerned with the mechanisms of growing the tissue. For instance, the advantages and disadvantages are not yet clear for the length of time the cells should be exposed to the growth factors or the difference between growing the tissue outside the body or implanting the scaffold inside the body and letting the tissue grow there. Scaffolding and injectable polymers that form scaffolds in irregular areas (like bone fractures) are also being improved. Much more research is being conducted in order to grow the hearts, livers, breasts, kidneys, and other valuable organs that so many people need. Although tissue engineering has great application for helping ill patients, it
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