How Technology Has Changed The Act Of Nursing

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There are numerous developing advancements that will change the act of nursing in years to come (Huston, 2013). Since 3D printing was introduced in 1989, hospital, physicians and the public have seen how creating customized medical devices such as dental implants, hearing aids, contact lenses, and prosthesis have offered many advantages for the patients. “The reach of 3D printing has improved and even saved lives. In 2011, a man in the UK who lost half his pelvis to bone cancer received a new pelvis created of 3D materials, and is still happy with the results. In 2012, infant Kaiba Gionfriddo made headlines when doctors in Ohio implanted a 3D printed airway splint that allowed him to breathe normally. The child is now a healthy toddler”…show more content…
In the future, the technology will be widely accepted since it can be used to create complete organ, to test newly developed drugs on manufactured cells instead of animals and human cell, to imprint cells directly onto a human body, thus reducing the wait time for organ transplantation, and save time and cost associated with drug research. An absolutely favorable position of customized organs is designing organs utilizing a patient 's own particular cells. With this methodology, there would be no issues with dismissal, and patients wouldn 't need to take the powerful anti-rejection medications that are presently required (Cooper-White, 2015). According to the Organovo company, the formation of a suitable liver is a crunch second for the bio-printing and drug industry since it demonstrates 3D printed tissue can be preserved successfully for a sufficient time to test the impacts of medications on it or insert it in a human body where it can further mature (Mearian,2013). Purpose The objective of this research is to explore concerns such as justice, safety, efficacy, and enhancement within health care when the use of technology is an added feature to prolong life and wellness (Dodds, 2015). It also addresses the need of technological training for the leaders in the nursing, which will deem the competency of the workforce as new technology is integrated (Huston, 2013). Identifying the issues of 3D printing will show what impact it will have on the role of nursing as
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