To An Athlete Dying Young Summary

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In the poem To an Athlete Dying Young by A.E. Housman, seems to have a conflict with popular view of life. Human believed that even through struggles, triumphs, pain and suffering every person should live their life until old age and death claims us. On the other hand, Housman put a different lens by say that dying young is better because a person won’t experience downfalls when fame and glory no longer smile on the child.
“The time you won your town the race We chaired you through the market-place; Man and boy stood cheering by, And home we brought you shoulder-high” (1,2,3,4) means that the poet is giving the reader a view of glory’s bliss when it favors one person. Every human being wants to have that moment of glory that everyone is cheering
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Glory is gone and so are the people who got it. This simile and metaphor combination “And early though the laurel grows It withers quicker than the rose” (11, 12) gives the impression that as glory can fade as well as fames and victories and those can be forgotten when we left this earth. Whatever glory is within us, it will die with us. Also, when the poet is taking about the “laurel” it’s taking about when a winner like in the Olympics get a leave head piece and that is symbolling glory, fame and victory. In lines thirteenth seems to put a face on death and continues to do that in line sixteenth as well. The poet states, “Now you will not swell the rout/ of lads that wore their honors out” (17, 18) which gives a person that has died young, the will not to experience the bitterness of his demise. Lastly, the last for lines comes across as that when he gets to the land of the dead “the strengthless dead” will see the laurel crown as a victory and will still unwithered on his curly haired head.
Housman bring an apostrophe speech to address the decreased athlete. He has a consistent rhythm of ccdd, eeff, gghh, etc throughout the entire poem. The poet make it like it is better off to be dead early in life than wait to see shame after the days of
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