To Go To College, Or Not Go To College. This Is A Question

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To go to college, or not go to college. This is a question that has gone through the minds of almost every American, especially within the past twenty years. In Charles Murray’s essay, “Are Too Many People Going to College?” he explains that college is not worth the time or effort unless a lucrative career choice is being pursued. On the opposing side Sanford J. Ungar’s essay, “The New Liberal Arts,” gives evidence towards why more people need to receive a liberal education at the college level because of the skills that such an education provides. I find Murray’s argument to be more convincing because when considering the question of, “Why go to college?”, one should always be aware of the payoff that their occupation may yield. It is …show more content…

Ungar insists that everyone attend a college that would equip them with an in-depth liberal education, rather than just training them for their job. Murray on the other hand, proposes this liberal education be started in advance before the student comes to college, and also promotes self-education. Although Ungar insists being grounded in the liberal arts would give college students special skills that would put them above the average, Murray makes the better claim. Following Ungar’s plan would restrict a full liberal education to only those who are privileged enough to receive a college education.
I understand where Ungar’s thought process originates. Many would argue that, to a certain extent, a line can be drawn for when is too early to start a liberal education. Everyone would agree that grade school, middle school, or even a high school age child could not grasp certain concepts of a liberal education. I acknowledge this, but in response, I would still insist that a liberal education be grafted into lower level teaching curriculums. The young mind is incredible, and it is a proven fact that the young mind acts like a sponge when it comes to learning new skills, so that is why I stand more on the side of Murray. Special measures would need to be taken to do this, as it would be hard for young minds to grasp some of these concepts; however, those same minds learn through repetition and practice. After some help from teachers and aids, these

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