To Kill A Mockingbird Alternate Ending

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I was as frightened a mouse, we would get in deep trouble if we were caught looking for Atticus. I said looking at the jail house, “That’s funny, jail doesn’t have an outside light”. When were drawing closer we saw Atticus reading a newspaper on a chair. Scout made started running toward Atticus but I stopped him. I said, “We may not disturb him, he may not like it. Let's go home, I just wanted to see where he was.” I was happy that Atticus was safe but we needed to get back home so no one would find out about this. We started to leave when 4 suspicious dusty cars drove up to the front of the jail. Atticus started to put away his newspaper when they arrived. I said, “Follow me, we need to be as close as possible!” We ran as quick as the speed of light and stopped at the Tyndal’s Hardware. The men started coming out of the vehicle and asked Atticus if Tom Robinson is inside the jail. I was thinking to myself that they came for the purpose of killing or hurting Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson was asleep at the time and the men from the dusty vehicles …show more content…

I could not breathe, but thanks to Scout he kicked him and saved my life. Atticus yelled. “That’s it, we don’t kick people Scout!” Scout said, “Ain’t nobody gonna do Jem that way!” That is when I noticed that Scout was starting to become an adult. The men started telling Atticus that we need to leave but I refused. He asked me nicely but I said, “I ain’t going,” none of of his threats scared me. I will never leave, if I do then they will hurt both Tom and Atticus. I was a tough adult, I need to be brave and never give up. When I was staring at Atticus, Scout said, “Hey Mr. Cunningham.” I noticed that Mr Cunningham did not want to answer because he was already embarrassed. As I looked determined to never leave, I started to notice that the men were looking at Mr. Cunningham. I knew that Scout wanted to draw the attention off of us and put it on Mr.

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