To Kill A Mockingbird Character Analysis

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In To Kill a Mockingbird the main idea is to not pick on the on people who are helpless or don’t cause trouble on purpose it takes Jean Louise to learn,but other characters in the book had to show courage like Atticus Finch,and Arthur Radely.To Kill a Mockingbird was about learning to walk in someone else’s shoes. To not go by what other people say about someone. Jean louise finch or Scout had the hardest time learning not to pick on people who are helpless or get blamed for what they didn’t do. Scout, Jeremy, and Dill was playing as they were Arthur Radley, Mrs.Radley and Mr.Radley as they were mocking them. As soon as one of the neighbor’s house caught on fire what Scout and Jem didn’t notice was that Arthur Radley had put a blanket on their backs. As both Jem and Scout thought Arthur Radley was a killer and was mean to every child on the block as they misjudged him cause he never came out of that old house that he lived in with his brother. Scout learned not the lesson of courage but defending Atticus when the trial was in preparation and people told Scout and Jem that their dad must be a nigger-lover. When the halloween pageant was over they were attacked by Bob Ewell. Scout was showing courage by following the person that carried Jem to the house she got up and followed then she learned that everything that people said about Arthur Radley was wrong he wasn’t who everyone thought he was. Atticus Finch had an easier time since he was an adult that not to pick on someone

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