To Kill A Mockingbird Movie Comparison

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The Same But Different
It is an unimaginable thought that something so similar can be missing so much. They can be both so unique and incomparable. In the book To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee the main character, Scout and her brother Jem fight prejudice through a young person perspective. The main characters go on a journey against Bob Ewell throughout the sleepy town of Maycomb, at the 1930’s. Bob Ewell has falsely accused Tom Robinson of a crime. On the process the characters grow a lot and find things that spark their curiosity. This makes an interesting plot with many turns. The movie, To Kill a Mockingbird, has many differences from its book, many plots and characters are missing which greatly impacts the movie directed by Robert Mulligan. …show more content…

Dubose have only one thing in common, which is they both live in the sweet town of Maycomb, this character is amazing as he has little prejudice embedded on him. Dolphus Raymond teaches much about prejudice and how the color of someone’s skin does not matter. He is an extremely important example for the children. It is possible to see how Dolphus is a good person and sees no difference between skin colors and helps people understand how Maycomb is racist. One example of that is this quote, “’Some folks just don’t like the way I live’”(Lee 268). That is because he has to give an excuse, which is being drunk so that people will judge him less. The movie does not mention this character and everything that he has to present to the story. By not mentioning him, it is not given to us that not everyone is the same. The character also reinforces the theme of stereotypical people, like himself. Without him the movie also does not pass his words of disgust of modern society, which could be very helpful.
The classic To Kill a Mockingbird has many differences from its movie. These changes touch on many themes of the book such as prejudice. Even though the book is fairly different from the movie, the movie can still impact the watcher greatly today. The movie might be missing some parts, but the main idea is still

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