To Kill A Mockingbird Reflection

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During the summer months, my mother always ordered scholastic books. She always purchased Junie B Jones books. My assignment was to read the series and tap into the world of Junie. Junie always took you on seen and unseen adventures, I related to Junie because her rugged, rough attitude towards life. I related to Junie because she was not prissy or sassy. She was persistent, headstrong, and literally took me on an adventure from cover to cover and page by page. My stepfather June was the first person to sit at the kitchen table and to teach me how to sound out words, read each syllable, take my time. As a young girl, his New York accent he would have me perplexed because it was so distinct. Nevertheless, he taught me the importance of words to learn a word each day and to find the meaning of each words. The first significant book that made an impact was “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The book was a first real look at race relations during the period. The book was significant because it taught me about a character. Through the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” I learned what type of book I preferred. Books that challenged everyday life, the status quo, books that I think, and challenged my life
Sometimes my comprehension gets the best of me, my comprehension gives me trouble when reading a book in class. By reading a book I may have to read the book or read the lines in the

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