To Live Is to Believe in Franz Katha´s The Metamorphosis Essay

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Gregor Samsa is a seemingly normal guy; has a job and provides for his family. He is the sole income earner of his household, though not by choice rather by necessity or so he was made to believe. He lives a rather mundane existence with which he is not exceptionally comfortable with. One morning in what seems like a dream he wakes and has transformed into a giant cockroach, and although this may seem a little alarming his first concern is that he is going to be late for work. His family seems a little taken aback by his new appearance but continues to believe that it is still Gregor. As time goes on the family begins to lose their faith and as their faith wanes so does the health of Gregor. As soon as the families’ belief fades…show more content…
His father is the first member of his family to become disenchanted with Gregor’s new form; he gets so angry and annoyed at one point when Gregor is aimlessly roaming the apartment that he throws an apple at him. The apple ends up causing Gregor an immense deal of pain finding it lodged beneath his exoskeleton. This is a turning point in the disbelief that his son will return and no one cares that, “The grave wound to Gregor, from whose effects he suffered for over a month – as no one dared to remove the apple, it remained embedded in his flesh as a visible memento…” (Kafka 1225) It took a longer period of time for Grete to give up the notion that the cockroach was still her brother. Gregor has taken great care of saving money to send her to a music academy, and therefore it was a crushing blow when Grete no longer took care of him. This was the final nail in the coffin for Gregor, once even his sister lost faith in him and could no longer believe that her brother would return to his human form pushed Gregor to lose his own faith in himself and was left with nothing more to live for. It is a great disappointment to Gregor when Grete begins calling him “It” and loses her faith that her brother will ever return to his former self claiming, “I don’t
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