To What Extent Is It True That The Annexation Of The Crimea Has Enhanced Putin 's Reputation At Home But Tarnished

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To what extent is it true that the annexation of the Crimea has enhanced Putin 's reputation at home but tarnished it abroad?

There has been an overwhelming discussion about influence made on Vladimir Putin 's worldwide and domestic reputation last few years. Indeed, the political and social atmosphere is experiencing a recession, relatively large amount of countries has contradictions between each other. The level of terrorism is currently increased, Russian plane has been destroyed in the air as a result of a terrorist attack, several hundred people have been recently killed by a well-organized attack in one of the most world-significant capitals — in Paris. An armed conflict has been taking place in Donbass since 2014 between Novorossia Armed Forces and Defense Ministry of Ukraine, civil war in Syria has been morphed from interior opposition to outgoing international war, and Russian Air Forces were involved into it in order to support President Bashar al-Assad 's government and overwhelm ISIS detrimental impact on social stability and global sense of security. To my mind, all those events ought to force everyone to be at least concerned about political issues and possible consequences of it in the future. It dramatically exacerbates the relevance of the subject nowadays.

I was born in Russia, and I have been living in my country of origin for 18 years. I have an understanding of the Russian people 's sentiments, their expectations
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