To What Extent Should A President Have Too Much Power Over Individual Rights

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In our world today, every single person has come across a problem in their life they have to face. Some people have come across problems in which they need the help of others to decide on a solution. A common topic that has arose in our society is, how much power should a president have over individual rights? The president has many problems they come across, but the question is whether it is their duty to solve it or if help is required to make decisions in the topic of individual rights. At the time of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was faced with many situations where he was to decide the fate of an individual’s rights. To this day, our presidents still face the problem of having too much power over individuals rights, for example: gay marriage, right to practice any religion, and right to live in a desired place. To begin with, President Donald …show more content…

In my opinion stereotypes have influenced the way people see others greatly to an extent where people aren’t allowed to live normal lives. The situation that has come up recently is allowing immigrants from Syria to live here. I personally think that the president is disobeying the idea of freedom of America, but I agree with the idea because the president is attempting to protect the lives of those already in America. The president is trying to keep us safe while trying to save others. To conclude, I believe the president should take action in situations where others are being put at risk. In the circumstances of gay marriage, I believe it should be allowed because it doesn’t harm the lives of others. For the rights of religion and living, I believe it should be free to the point where no one is being harmed. In most situations the president is trying to protect as many lives as they can. Just like Abraham Lincoln, our current day presidents are risking some things to save

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