To What Extent Should Major League Baseball Games Be Shorter Or Stronger

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Should major league baseball games be shorter or longer? In my opinion they should become shorter like 7 innings instead of 9. The average postseason game of 2016 was 3 ⅕ hours that is way too long in game 2 of the world series it lasted 4 hours and 4 minutes without going into extra innings. Rob Manfred the owner of the MLB is aware of the trend of long games, he knows baseball's pace of game.

The MLB should make games shorter by making a rule where managers can make pitching changes only 2 times an inning. Major league baseball is losing fans because the game has way too many breaks if baseball was non stop action like soccer or tennis the league would keep more fans. In 2015 the average major league baseball game was 2 hours 56 minutes

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