Tobacco: The History and Why We Should Give It Up

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“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times”-Mark Twain. Have you ever smoked or used any tobacco products? It is well known that tobacco has become a big issue in the 21st century, these issues include underage smoking and harmful effects to the body. Tobacco is been identified under the category of peppers, potatoes and the poisonous nightshade. Tobacco is a harmful leaf from an American plant that has been linked to deadly diseases, such as cancer or lung diseases. This paper will examine the history of tobacco, the causes and effects of tobacco-related items, and why it is still legal. It is believed that tobacco began growing in the United States at around…show more content…
(Tobacco Products) The cost of smoking a cigarette today is high and can cause problems for a lot of people. A pack of cigarettes can range from 1 dollar to 6 dollars and that is just for one pack. In New York the average price for a pack of cigarettes is 10.11 dollars that is the highest in the United States. The second highest average for a pack is Rhode Island where it can cost you about 8.78 dollars. The third highest average for a pack is Massachusetts where it can cost 8.65 dollars. (Tobacco Products) Smoking not only cost you your money but it cost you your life. Recently people have noticed the toll it has taken on our society. In recent comerciales, when you buy menthol cigarettes it shows the damage it has to your body like your smooth skin and your teeth. People say it is there to scare you, but the scary part is that it is the truth. For every cigarette you smoke it is proven that it takes 7 minutes out of your life, that is time you could be spending with your loved ones or spending the time to enjoy yourself. (50 Reasons to Quit Smoking) A great example would be Mr. Orton who smoked up to 40 cigarettes a day and started when he was 14, said: "Sometimes I go outside, get a gasp of cold air and I feel everything shut down. I know that this could kill me if I can't get things started again.”-Orton. (EFFORTS - My Story) Tobacco companies salaries are high and they make their money off
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