Today Was The Day In My Life

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Today was the day. The day that would change my entire perspective on anything and everything that had to do with my dad. Since my parents were divorced, weekly visits to my dad's house were pretty much mandatory at the ages of eight and eleven. Eight was how old my little brother was and at that age you knew stuff without actually knowing stuff. By that I mean, my brother knew only the surface of our father, the side that my father wanted him to see. So he didn’t understand all the other things that were going on in our organized yet chaotic life. But neither did anyone else for that matter. Maybe because they didn’t know the full story. But then again, no one ever really got the full story. They either assumed or just didn’t care enough to get involved, but how could one blame them? Our designated meeting place was a convenient store almost exactly halfway between my dad’s home and my mom’s. It took about an hour and a half each way, rounding to a three hour trip all together which wasn’t all that bad when you split it up.
Before we transferred our packed bags from my mom’s 1998 golden lexus to my dad’s 2007 silver expedition which used to be known as our family car, my mom would always say “Goodbye kiddos, I love you! Call if you need anything!” and just by her saying that, a cloud of reassurance hovered over me and made me think just for a second that everything would be okay. I would then just remind myself that it’s only going to be a couple of days, and that’s it.

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