Today’S Lesson Will Be.... . The Class Takes Their Seats,

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Today’s Lesson will be... The class takes their seats, shuffling slightly as they turn to the board, pulling paper from their bags and poising pencils. Their teacher greets them with a brittle smile, silently takes account who is present and turns his back to the class to write. The girl with perky pigtails and a scattering of freckles takes the liberty of writing down what she knows from the book of Genesis, internally smiling because she has already been taught this lesson. God created the universe in six days, taking the seventh day to rest after he created Adam and Eve. While she writes her swinging feet nudge the dark haired boy next to her who also knows all about today’s science lesson, after all his dad is a physics …show more content…

Badertsher and Ginsburg urge that there must be an alternative taught alongside the evolutionary theory, and that alternative should be the theory of creationism. The pair plunge right into explaining creationism to the reader, not wasting time on much else. Rich and Donnelly opt to ease into the theory of evolution, rather than sparking up their discussion with a direct explanation they choose to explain what a theory is by definition. They state that it is essential to understand that a theory must be tested, and adequately explain what is known and unknown. This trend is carried consistently through the two argument, and as an unbiased reader I thought that Badertsher and Ginsburg would have had a more influential view, but that did not seem to be the case. In my opinion Badertsher/Ginsburg leave a lot open to question: they do not elaborate on what Intelligent Design is, they do not seem to really address to science behind the Creationism Theory (which there is an array of things). I feel that they should have developed more upon things such as “the limitations of such a belief [evolution] lead us to the necessary conclusion that there is a divine hand at work” (Badertsher). Or maybe taken the time to talk more about

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