Tom Killion's Monterey Bay From Santa Cruz Pogonip

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This work of art is titled, Monterey Bay from Santa Cruz Pogonip. The artist who created this piece is Tom Killion, and its creation came to be in 2002. The piece is a wood stamp press, these presses are hand carved into wood and linoleum blocks. Each variety of color that is present in the piece, a new block has to be created to ensure that the color doesn’t blend in ways the artist would not want it too. In the framed final piece, the stamp is separated into two different frames to gives focus to the the, Monterey Bay and then Santa Cruz. In this piece, Killion uses this chance to portray Santa Cruz in a landscape narrative, he uses depth to enable the landscape. The piece’s foreground is the mountain in Pogonip, a hiking area in the northern part of Santa Cruz County; then it starts spreading out to a horizontal view of the ocean, and at the bottom of the mountain, Santa Cruz is located. In the depiction of the town you see the shadows of the Big Dipper, an amusement park attraction and the historic Holy Cross Catholic Church. …show more content…

He plays with shading as well, the trees are painted a dark blue color to give it the imprint that sun maybe setting in the piece, taking away light and instilling darkness. While Santa Cruz, at the bottom of the mountain, is completely dark due to the fact it is so far away from the eye. In the clouds at the top of the piece, the colors within that piece are analogous colors; you see this in the clouds because of the usage of pink to white, white to grey, grey to pink; all are

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