Tom Sawyer Similarities

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What makes us unique? our similarities or differences? I read the book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain. It made me think things such as does Toms similarities to other characters or his differences to them matter most. Through reading this book I think I have come to a conclusion on which does matter more. They both matter a lot in this world as differences makes you well you, yet similarities make you part of society and give you a way to connect to people. I believe similarities are more important to have then differences to people.
A summary of the Plot is a young boy named Tom Sawyer who is creative and somewhat of a trouble maker lives with his Aunt Polly and his half brother, sid. He lived in 1876 St. Petersburg, Missouri. One Friday he decided to skip school and in doing so he went swimming, his brother rats him out. Then his clothes got dirty while fighting a new kid who. When he gets in trouble his punishment is to work all day saturday. When Saturday comes boys about Tom's age come by, but Tom is going to whitewash the fence but tells them how fun it is, after some convincing they wanted to whitewash the fence.They gave possessions to do it. This shows Tom’s sneakiness which is a similarity he shares with another boy.
Tom’s Aunt is so pleased with Tom’s “work” that she lets him go out for the rest of the day. He goes out with his friend Joe Harper to the town and they play. After a day of playing he goes home and passes the Thatcher house where he sees

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