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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain in 1876. Tom Sawyer was a young boy who grew up in a small town along the Mississippi river. This young boy always seemed to find trouble everywhere he went. He is also a boy that learns from his mistakes and helps others. Tom meets two very important people in the book a boy and girl. The boy ends up becoming his best friends and he ends up falling in love with the girl. Tom Sawyer is a young boy that is adventurous and mischievous, he also lives with his Aunt Polly and half brother Sid. The first thing that leads us to think that Tom is always getting into trouble is at the beginning of the book Tom’s aunt finds him in the pantry with jam all over his hands and face. One day Tom decides to skip …show more content…

The two end up running away and swearing never to tell anyone what they have seen that night. They run off to an island with a one of their friends. Joe Harper, to become pirates. While on the island the three enjoy all the freedom, one night while the others were sleeping Tom sneaks home to see how everything is coming along. All of Tom’s guilt leads him to go to the funeral of the young man that has died and he persuades his friends to do the same. After summer arrives, Tom and Huck set out for their adventures, one leads them to a old house. While they are upstairs in the old house, they hear a guy name Injun Joe walk in. Injun Joe and some of his men had a plan to hide some of their things in the house. Tom’s friend Huck decides that he wants to follow Injun Joe to see if he can find any of his other hidden treasures. Nevertheless Tom ends up learning from his mistakes and becoming a better person with the help from a few friends that he met along the way. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer can teach us so many good lessons about life and how to deal with the problems around us. Tom may have been a little bit mischievous and adventurous, but those are the times we learn from the

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