Tomorrow And Tomorrow Or The Terror Dream Essay

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1. The following three images are relevant to either Tomorrow and Tomorrow or The Terror Dream. Close read and rhetorically analyze one of the images and discuss how it is thematically relevant to Tomorrow and Tomorrow or The Terror Dream. This image depicts President George Bush, embracing and comforting the daughter of one of the victims of 9/11. President Bush is being depicted as a place and symbol of safety, security and strength. He resembles a comforting father figure, to a poor, emotional, victimized little girl. This image is directly related to the discussion of 9/11 and the public response to it, as discussed in the beginning of The Terror Dream. This image is a direct result of 9/11. As Faludi discussed, the media and the …show more content…

What might Sweterlitsch be suggesting about social media, technology, and oppression? Cite at least one specific example from the novel. Technology in Tomorrow and Tomorrow is depicted in a futuristic, almost dystopian manner. The tech is something that runs, defines, and sometimes even confines society. Which, is sadly something that can be scene in our own reality. However, the role and influence of technology is more extreme in Tomorrow and Tomorrow. Their biggest form of technology is surgically implanted in their head. Nowadays, we like to joke that our youth and current generations and their technology are inseparable, but it pales in comparison to this sort of immediacy—they are quite literally always “plugged in.” In Tomorrow and Tomorrow, technology is more obviously corrupt and dark. It is apparently utilized for political and social manipulation, and is a driving force behind the sexual terrorism industry—an industry that feeds on the objectification, manipulation, degradation and abuse of women. This contrast with how our own reality struggles with this ideal, but also likes to believe that technology is more of a tool for positive connectivity, information, and social improvements. So, perhaps we are hopeful? Or just naive? Perhaps Sweterlish is suggesting that social media and technology is a breeding ground for the oppression of women. It serves as a platform from which we judge, objectify and abuse women. A

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