Tony Cardenas One Said, “If Recycling Is The Future, Then

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Tony Cardenas one said, “If recycling is the future, then we must focus our efforts on mitigating negative impacts to our community while protecting our environment” (as cited at In other words, this means the world would be a better place if everyone recycles. When we recycle a bottle of water, pieces of glass, cardboard and other recyclable materials, we are protecting our planet from contamination, since we are doing new products from used products that are not useful to us. Recycling is important for us if we want to leave the planet in the hands of our future generations. We have been neglectful of the way we have treated the Earth, and it is time to change, not just the way do things, but the way we think. This …show more content…

Global effects will include changes in the availability of drinking water and irrigation, as well as sea level rise, changes in ocean water circulation patterns and threats to the survival of flora and fauna. The accumulation of polluting gases causes temperatures to increase, and climates change: this causes droughts and, also, enhances the risk of fires that lead to deforestation and desertification of the planet. The air has been contaminated, and the only resource that can clean it is trees. Nowadays trees are cut down, and there had been lots of rainforests that are being left with nothing. This is costing our atmosphere to go down and make that hole. Because of all the chemicals that we use and have created. Any changes in temperature modify the balance of our planet and, with it, our health, our quality of life and the future of generations to come.
To make this world the best place, everyone needs to come together and work on that. There have been ways that have reduced the hole in our atmosphere. If we continue to do those things we can entirely sure make it close reducing all the chemicals that human-made, lessen the use of car can be useful today there has been created by using electricity burning forests, or ant landfills can also be helpful and help make this planet better. Nowadays many activities are in for that great cause to help save the world. There are much of ways we could

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