Persuasive Essay On Recycling

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Many of animals in our environment are being harmed from our wastes, like turtles in the sea being trapped on beer can plastic rings. Recycling wastes should be a thing that everyone does to prevent many things like this from happening. There are people out there who recycle everything they can, and there are those who can’t even bother to look if they’re throwing their trash in the right bin. People all over the world constantly debate whether recycling is or is not beneficial to the environment. With the climate changing rapidly and natural disasters becoming worse, people should be more aware of the dangers that global warming can bring. Even a little help can do good for the environment; we should help by recycling more. Those who recycle help reduce pollution caused by waste, save energy and create jobs for those in need. Recycling helps reduce pollution caused by waste from landfills. We should start using more recycled materials “because using recycled materials reduces the need to extract, process, refine, and transport the timber, crude petroleum, ores, and so on that are necessary for virgin-based paper, plastics, glass, and metals, recycling lessens the toxic air emissions, effluents, and solid wastes that these manufacturing processes create” (Hershkowitz). Given that the decrease in waste ultimately helps the decrease of pollution, it’s currently not being properly put into effect as people don’t find it important or they simply don’t always remember to

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