Too Good To Be True Essay

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Too Good To Be True
In the movie War Games, David penetrates his way into a top secret military defense computer system called WOPR. David’s fascination with finding the number for the protovision headquarters leads him to find code names for the secret military defense programs. In a matter of a couple days, David finds himself initiating a countdown to World war III, Fortunately, David recognizes the damage he creates and decides to seek the creator of the program, Falken. In the end, David stops the computer from starting World War III by overloading the defense system with a game of tic-tac-toe, thus causing the system to suspend the attack.
The main character David, displayed signs of talent in the realm of hacking. He was familiar with different types of cyber-trespassing strategies such as phreaking and shoulder surfing, he demonstrated this by, hacking into his school’s grading system. In addition, he had a mindset of the hacker because he followed hacker ethics, For example, he discussed with his friends about how no system is secure and that everything has a back …show more content…

Even though David initial intend was to find a game and not to start World War lll, his actions proved otherwise. The use of technology is an important advancement to modern society. However, when technology is given to adolescents unmonitored opens a new world to curious minds. In addition, this movie portrays a negative light on hackers. It shows that hacking is a serious issue because of the simplicity of some forms of hacking like social engineering and shoulder surfing such as when David simply knew the password for his school’s administrative computer and a simple code to hack into the system to change his grade. As a result, this movie portray a notion that anyone that knows and does a little research on hacking can cause

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