Too Many Unemployed People

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In today’s society there are many social issues present, one of them being unemployment. Currently 6.6 million Americans are unemployed, and they are unable to pay their mortgage, tuition, and basic needs. The streets of America are run-down and blanket of sadness clouds American towns. As a result people are forced to change their lifestyle and hope for unemployment benefits, and pray that they will be hired again. The following writing is about an unemployed man named Michael who struggles to support himself and his family. He is a former construction worker who has been without a job for almost a year. He and his family depend on unemployment benefits from the federal government; in addition the federal government decides who get benefits and who doesn’t. When he goes to collect his unemployment benefits he is denied and becomes puzzled and angry as to why he could not collect his benefits. Michael feels that the federal government is doing nothing to help struggling Americans, and politicians have ran away from their responsibilities to their constituents. Finally the story models Steinbeck’s style of writing, with descriptive narration to show lives of struggling Americans, and dialogue to show the struggles of the main character.

The alarm clock rings and Michael slowly wakes up. He drags his feet over to his closet and see his hard hat, suddenly a feeling of nostalgia comes about taking him back to the scene of last job. He misses the sounds of the cranes and the
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