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When my parents were my age, it was normal to get married because they were not stupid enough to get married just because they wanted to. Nowadays young adults get married just because they feel lonely and they want somebody to cuddle with at night. Our generation is so messed up that some of them get married just because they think that if they have someone special that is going to make them happy. Some people get married just because they think they are going to last forever and live happy for their rest of their lives. They think that is a fairy tale like how they make it look in the movies shown on the Disney channel. People should really think about what they are going to do because marriage is a huge step. Although there is no law …show more content…

He knew that he needed more money and the only way for him to get more money was if he marries someone. So he married a Jamaican girl that needed the United States citizenship so she could stay in the United States. Both of them are going to benefit from having an arranged marriage, but they did not think about the consequences of their decision. Marriage is a big decision and the couple got married because they were going to get something in exchange of their deal. Lester and his wife only lasted about a year; after that they filed for divorce and his wife went back to her country.
Also twenty-five-year olds are unstable financially, and they should not get married younger. Maybe they have not accomplished their goals or the dreams they have. Getting married could slow a couple down from accomplishing their goals; they could also get distracted and lose focus of what they need to be doing in order for them to get where they need to be. Some do not graduate from college right away or maybe they drop out because they decided to get married. Some just chose to start working and oftentimes they can only work at a fast food restaurant that pays minimum wage. Working at a restaurant would not take them anywhere and being stable is important because it makes life easier and smoother. If a couple decides to get married in the middle of college, it is not a good idea. That is not a good idea because it would make life harder for

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