Top 7 Tips To Clean And Organize Garage Clutter. By Ron

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Top 7 Tips To Clean And Organize Garage Clutter
By Ron A Hunter | Submitted On January 20, 2011

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Expert Author Ron A Hunter
One of the biggest problems with most garages today is that for most people, their garage has become an over-sized storage unit rather than a safe haven to store your car and precious items. Most of us open the garage door and we know that if only we could clean and organize garage clutter we …show more content…

This is often a critical point because you will enjoy your garage more if it is clean. So in order to maintain your garage make sure you sweep and dust it regularly.

4. Decor. I 'm not talking about turning your garage into a lavish living room here. However you might want to think about painting the walls here. A fresh coat of paint can really go along way to making your garage a pleasant place. Another important item to consider here is possibly painting and sealing the floor to protect from spills. If this sounds like something you would like to do, this would be a great time to do this.

5. Arrange. Now that your garage is clean it 's time to get everything back inside. I recommend you place the items which you are going to use on a regular basis in easy reach. The items less frequently used should be placed further back in the garage or perhaps higher up on shelving systems or inside cabinets. Give close attention to this: Especially when it come to kids toys. You want them to be able to have easy access to these as well as make it easy for them to put them back where they belong.

6. Label everything. You can 't go to far overboard her. However, at the bare minimum be sure to label bins cabinets and drawers. This will save you the time of opening each one looking for something. Another item to think about is labeling your pegboards and shelves. This will help remind you to put things back where they belong.

7. The last thing here is to make

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