Top 8 Powerful, Compact and Well Organized Tasks to Increase Your Productivity

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Top 8 powerful, compact and well-organized tasks to increase your productivity (output).
Productivity is the grouping of smart preparation and dedicated hard work. Continuing productive to your work is really hard. Every time end of the working day, chances are that you are not fulfilled with what you have gifted. Productivity could be constantly value-added, but here are 8 pointers that have truly worked for you. Fortunately, a computer, smartphone and a little know how all you need are.
1. Speed Reading Saves Your Time.

In your daily working day wants you to read huge passages of text quickly, think about figuring out how to speed read. On a normal, a person reads around 200 to 250words per minute (WPM) and this is really slow compared to speed readers because of sub-vocalization – you unconsciously read every word to yourself as you read. Eliminating sub-vocalization is one of the essential fundamental of speed reading. You can use Speed Reader (by P Garrison) app for your android phone and tablet, for google chrome you’ll use Spreed extension and for iOS try Speed Reading HD.

These apps are using Rapid Serial Visual Presentation technique. In this technique you’ll see one word at a time very quickly in the center of your screen. You’ll observe that you’re rapidly capable to read 300wpm and with a little more practice you’ll reach 500-600wpm. You’ll have the capacity for reading three times quicker with a couple of days practice.

2. Take a Breaks Reminder


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