Top Killer Tips For Seo Websites

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Top Killer Tips For SEO Blogspot Blogs We all know it is impossible to get traffic from top search engines without optimizing a blog. In this post I will share the best SEO tips for blogspot blogs. Most of us dream of passive income in our lives. We can achieve a high passive income in Blogging career if we follow the statergy correctly. At First Most of us enter the world of blogs with the help of Blogspot blogs as it is easy and it is a platform for free hosted blogs. Also, you can learn the basics with the help of Blogger Blog. In this post, I did my best to give you all the tips for SEO Blogspot blogs that are very effective. All these SEO tips below to Blogspot Blogs is a must for every blogger known especially for beginners to break …show more content…

And I suggest you only focus 2-3 keywords for a single post. While you can think better and optimize the position as well with only keywords rather than focusing on multiple keywords to a single post. In addition, it will be easy for you to maintain a good density.Always keywords strive to maintain a good density of 2-3%. 5) optimize images for SEO Pictures speak a thousand words. Always try to include atleast 2-3 Images in a blog. And you should not leave just like that. Instead of trying to optimize it. In blogger you need to manually optimize images for search engines. Right click properties and add the alt tag and title tag for pictures .This will help you rank high in Google Image Search that takes you more traffic. 6) Blog Position Title You should have the right title blog post relevant to your post.Try to include some catchy title that brings the attention of readers to read your blog. Titles like "how," "Tips and Tricks", "best ideas" seems to quickly grab the attention of readers. 7) Custom Permalinks Permalinks can be easily optimized Blogspot Blogs.Whenever write you after not forget to permakinks for Blogger Blogs because it is a good way to add keywords to your blog. In the right part of your message box, you can find the settings option to submit, you can find this permalinks option. Either you can have automated Permalinks for your blog or you can customize your own link 8) Link Building Linkbuilding is the

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