Top Trends Of Federal Procurement

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Top Trends in Federal Procurement
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Trends in Federal Procurement Introduction
The year 2017 seems to be one setting in significant changes both in the political and economic scenes. Every other person who has even the slightest interest in current global trends understands that these two issues relate to each other at a very high level. The political atmosphere in the United States is known to greatly affect not only the local, but also the world economy. With a new president taking seat this year, the economic ripple effect will undoubtedly not go unnoticed. To add more significance to this is that the new president (Donald Trump) is by far an economist, greatly contrasting the nation’s history …show more content…

This wave could well be attributed to the ongoing implementation of what is known as Small Business Jobs Act of the year 2010.
It is important to also note that with President Trump in power, more focus will be placed on small businesses owned by Americans as beneficiaries of federal government procurement. This comes within the background of Trump’s policy of capitalizing first on the ability of Americans to benefit from their own products. Though this will otherwise spell doom for big corporations with branches extending beyond American soil, it will mean an overall advantage to the locals who according to Trump are the real drivers of the country’s economy.
Though most policies do not separate benefits that could possibly be achieved by small businesses from large ones, it is expected that an increasing number of small businesses take the stage in the award of important contracts in the year 2017 and the years to come. One area where small businesses will have undisputed opportunity of being awarded contracts is in the Treasury. Through the Treasury Bureau Small Business Specialist, small businesses classified under legal and economic scopes will have an opportunity of landing single contracts worth over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars each.
In a forecast of contract opportunities for the year 2017, the government

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