Toppling Responsibilities in School

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It has come to my attention that over the years we have steadily increased the amount of requirements in society that are pressed down upon to younger generations as they grow up, expecting more and more responsibilities out of them at earlier and earlier ages. While we steadily find out more things about the world these things are shoved into someone in schools face and they are expected to digest all of this information fully in order to continue on until they finish, retaining all of the knowledge from previous years during the process. As our knowledge grows our expectation of their knowledge will grow too, we will expect them to learn and know more by the time they have gotten out of school adding more and more pressure onto them. The information provided here will be relayed with the facts about education, growing responsibilities overall, and ways to fix these things. As our knowledge has increased so has our expectation in length of education. It wasn’t long ago that people could get a high paying job with absolutely no college, as well as be a dropout from college without being questioned as long as they knew what they were doing. Nowadays if someone currently in school or is recently getting out of school wants a high paying job, they are expected to go to college as well. They are expected to gain another 4 years of education just in order to get said job, even if they already have the abilities needed for said job. Who knows how much more education will be
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