Tornadoes : Formation, Classification, And Warnings Essay

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Tornadoes: Formation, Classification, and Warnings
GEG 1001-01
Christy Williams
Jeff Fesperman
November 12, 2016

Many people seem to think of great danger and destruction when they think of Tornadoes. However, in the past hundred years, technology has made it possible for meteorologists to predict and detect tornadoes. Modern people in the United States are very well educated about this dangerous phenomenon, which helps to reduce the risks of injury and death. The formation of a tornado has several factors and is a complex system. The Fujita scale is what is used to classify and categorize tornadoes. Tornadoes can be very dangerous, however, knowing the cause, how they are classified, and what precautions to take can drastically reduce the risk of injury.
The cause of tornadoes has several factors including formation and weather conditions. First off, the development of a tornado starts off as a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm is a fairly general and commonly occurring weather phenomenon. However tornadoes are not as common, they are formed by a vertical column that extends from the base of a cloud, which also has to be spinning, which forms a vortex creating what the average human knows as a funnel cloud (Brodie). Most people learned about the formation of a funnel cloud at a young age, most often children are taught about this through using a common object. More often than not it is a water bottle, and in this demonstration, one will spin or shake the water bottle

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