Torture and Public Policy

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Summary ‘Torture and public policy’ said about story of brutal torture which arouse in Abu Ghraib. Brutal torture was outcome of chain of actions. Although upper officer did not intend make it occur. This is chronological order which bring about brutal torture. 1. President Bush and Secretary Rumsfeld decided, against the advice of some professional military officers, to limi the number of troops sen to Iraq. 2. President Bush decided that the Geneva Conventions did not apply to al Qaeda. 3. Assistant Attorney General Bybee defined torture narrowly and argued that the commander-in-chief power negated the law against torture. 4. Secretary Rumsfeld expanded the range of …show more content…

Public should be interested in administration and policy. In these days turnout degradation prevailed. This makes incentive to work hard and reflect public interest for administrator and parliament weak. So we have to be concerned which interest was secured and not secured. If we react sensitively to administration and policy, they have to listen to public interest. Consequently securing the public interest turns on public not administration and parliament. 4. In the pfiffner case, list the central factors that you found led to its tragedy. Rank those you see as most important. Which ones were least important? What criteria did you use to rank order these factors? All factors affecting this tragedy have some shares. Because there are no one who will anticipate and plan this tragedy. It is just series of work and mingled decision making. Various mingled factors make unsuspected outcomes. So it is difficult to rate who is most responsible. But I think Bush who has most powerful right to decide should have been careful. Because his decision spread out from top of administration to bottom of administration. Furthermore, if there are some inapparent decision from top of administration, bottom of administration has to interpret arbitrarily, which can makes unsuspected outcomes. 5. Given your list, does it differ from Friedrich’s and Finer’s prescriptions for achieving the administrative

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