Putting Constitutional Protections in the Backseat for Non-Conformist American Experiences

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A country born of laws, rights and citizenship with the idea of a free people to govern over themselves, was the original intent of the American experience. However, America did not inherit traditional bonds of a national identity, so it had to rely on a few cultural foundations that became critical in deciding who belonged in the American experience. The pillars seemed to be a common language of English, a religion based on a broad view of Christianity, and the notion of a traditional family. As more people were included politically, more people were excluded culturally if they did not conform to some version of those three expected characteristics. This weeks reading demonstrates how Constitutional guarantees take a backseat in the wake …show more content…

The abuse of power transcended national boarders as the U.S. government turned a blind eye to American troops engaged in the unleashed and unchecked torture of prisoners of war. The use of torture is not in the national interest, as it has been found that the intelligence gained through torture is unreliable. Like the Japanese after Pearl Harbor, America consistently presses or even oversteps its Constitutional boundaries in times of national security. The cultural foundations deeply ingrained in the American experience provide little relief towards an amicable concept of “Rooted Cosmopolitanism.” Southern California is an outlier, geographically dethatched with an aura of modernity. Rapidly advancing modernization and an influx of religious diversity emerged in tandem; the effect- Christianity molded to secular exigencies shaping a pluralistic state. However, Southern California reflects a religious model independently formed, largely out of reach from the grip of ripened American values and democratic traditions prevailing in the eastern part of the country. The distasteful reality, in which Roof did not address, is what would happen if Southern California bred the emergence of a religious practice similar to that of polygamy in Utah? Society and the Courts have fiercely preserved traditional American values, and would without doubt precipitously intervene. Perhaps, religious pluralism flourished so well in Southern California because, as Roof cited,

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