Total Destruction Of The United States ' Economy

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Total destruction of the United States’ economy, this statement may sound outright ridiculous, but could be the outcome of the future. Oil has become the main resource consumed by the world, primarily used for generating electricity, household use and transportation. Due to oil being a non-renewable resource, inefficiency and over dependency will eventually drain the world of the fuel. Electric motors may lead the way in developing alternate energy for transportation combined with newer developments. With today’s fluctuating oil prices America’s current mode of transportation will meet its end; clean electric power would serve as a way to preserve America’s future. The liquid responsible for heating our homes and powering the …show more content…

This number may comfort some, but there is still reason to be fearful. Ninety percent of Earth’s refined oil is burned through transportation, with the United States consuming 25 percent alone (Davy par. 5, 6, 8). Collectively, factors will add up to devastating consequences later if change isn 't pursued. Geophysicist M. King Hubbert confirmed, through a calculated formula, that oil production will increase to a peak in the year 2030, but will proceed to decline soon after until oil drains too far down to be economical to continue drilling or having the well run out entirely (Davy par. 3, 4, 6). The future remains unclear, unexpected events may occur leaving America in desperation as oil becomes sparse. Therefore, precautions must be made to alleviate the immediate fear of there being no oil to spare. Repercussions of burning oil have arisen more progressively. The debatable topic of global warming holds burning fossil fuels responsible for higher temperatures in colder climates. An article by World Book explains why oil is so harmful towards the environment. As more cars are produced more pollutants are released into the atmosphere, those pollutants cause smog in larger manufacturing oriented cities as well as, acid rain. Factories, burning oil, dispose of the remaining chemicals into bodies of water rendering them unsafe to drink for both humans and animals alike (Hunt par. 1). Another article produced through World Book describes the

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