Essay about Toussaint L'Ouverture: Hero or Tyrant?

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Toussaint L’Ouverture was born in 1743 in Saint Domingue on a plantation in Cap-Haïtien. He was quite prodigious as a young child: rather than working as a field slave and toiling in the hot sun, he began his slave existence as a herder. Later on, he became a coach driver and waiter for his owner. Ultimately, his owner saw such promise in him that he appointed L’Ouverture as an overseer of fellow slaves who were working in the field. Throughout his tenure, being a more “upscale” slave, he was given access to the plantation library. It was in that library that L’Ouverture’s godfather taught him how to read and write, and the seeds of his future were sown.
Around 1791, good fortune befell L’Ouverture, as his owner granted him his freedom
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His efforts yielded improvement in education, transportation, and foreign trade. Furthermore, he was a driving force behind the slaves’ pursuit for emancipation from their owners during the French Revolution.
A prime example of how L’Ouverture was a hero was his great support of the slaves of Haiti. He encouraged them to fight for their rights and their freedom from their oppressive owners. In spite of the fact that he had been a free man for a while, and his life would have undoubtedly been easier if he quietly enjoyed that freedom, his heroic and compassionate instinct showed forth as he unwaveringly supported the slaves of Haiti throughout their struggle for freedom.
Furthermore, his reign as governor general affected Haiti for the better, showing that he still cared for the common people. Directly after he gained control of the island, he and six other men drafted a constitution. The core of the Haitian Constitution drawn up is Article 3, which states that “there cannot exist slaves in this territory [and] servitude is therein forever abolished. All men are born, live and die free and French” (Saint Domingue Constitution). The constitution changed Haiti for the better, as it abolished slavery.
However, in spite of his positive effect upon Haiti, the fact that he appointed himself governor general calls into question some of his motives. When he saw that there was no strong French government on the island, Toussaint
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