Tower Of Babel Research Paper

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Many things have changed over the years. Even in just a decade or so, things have changed drastically. Technology, for example, just keeps getting more advanced as we go on. It seems that every week there are new types of technology, new ways to communicate, new ways to make something easier by using technology. There are great ideas coming from every country in the world. It helps that everyone is spread out into the different continents and countries. Being spread out helps because everyone thinks separately and contributes to new findings for the world. Without the Tower of Babel, not everyone would be spread out like they are now, and we would all be thinking together, like one, instead of all thinking up new ideas separately. We wouldn’t…show more content…
He knew that the building of this tower would only cause more problems. God wanted everyone to spread out so they could start new civilizations and create more diversity among the people. God knew this would be a good thing for everyone. At the time of building the tower, everyone spoke one language. They could all understand each other. God says in Genesis 11:6, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” So, instead of letting the people continue to build the tower, continue to communicate and think up even more ways that they would “make a name for themselves”, God confused their language. They would no longer speak the same language. God decided this would be the best and most effective way to get the people to spread out among the earth. Since they didn’t all understand each other, they couldn’t finish building the Tower of Babel. So, they all got into groups by language. They got into groups of people that spoke the same language, that could understand each other, and they spread out as God had intended them to do in the first place. So, the first way in which the Tower of Babel changed the world that it resulted in many different languages. When God confused everyone’s language, He probably made it into around seventy different languages. These are the main…show more content…
Some people think that all languages “evolved” from one main language. They think all that the original language changed a lot and changed differently depending on where you lived and who you were with. In different countries, this main language changed in their own ways and eventually became a new language. Languages are linked together by shared words, sounds, and grammatical construction. So how could all languages have come from one original language if the words, sounds and grammatical construction in many languages are nowhere near similar to that of other languages? They couldn’t have. Quoting from notes from my class Book of Genesis, “There is no mathematical possibility that these variations could have evolved by chance and no linguistic possibility that they all started from a single
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