Why Did the Tower of Babel Fail?

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7 Why Did the Tower of Babel Fail? 7 Why Did theTower of Babel Fail? Now the whole earth used only one language, with few words. On the occasion of a migration from the east, men discovered a plain in the land of Shinar, and settled there. Then they said to one another, "Come, let us make bricks, burning them well. " So they used bricks for stone, and bitumen for mortar. Then they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city with a tower whose top shall reach the heavens (thus making a name for ourselves), so that we may not be scattered all over the earth. " Then the Lord came down to look at the city and tower which human beings had built. The Lord said, "They are just one people, and they all have the same language. If this is…show more content…
The tree-structure allows distribution lists to be maintained by subtree, if that is desirable. Mechanics. As with so many programming management problems, the technical memorandum problem gets worse nonlinearly as size increases. With 10 people, documents can simply be numbered. With 100 people, several linear sequences will often suffice. With 1000, scattered inevitably over several physical locations, the need for a structured workbook increases and the size of the workbook increases. How then shall the mechanics be handled? I think this was well done on the OS/360 project. The need for a well-structured workbook was strongly urged by O. S. Locken, who had seen its effectiveness on his previous project, the 1410-7010 operating system. We quickly decided that each programmer should see all the material, i.e., should have a copy of the workbook in his own office. Of critical importance is timely updating. The workbook must be current. This is very difficult to do if whole documents must be retyped for changes. In a looseleaf book, however, only pages need to be changed. We had available a computer-driven text-editing system, and this proved invaluable for timely maintenance. Offset The Project Workbook 77 masters were prepared directly on the computer printer, and turnaround time was less than a day. The recipient of all these updated pages has an assimilation problem, however. When he
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