Traceurs are People Who Practice Parkour

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No, this kid is not using illicit drugs. He is in fact, a Traceur. A Traceur is a person who practices parkour, but first let me tell you what that is. Parkour is a very physical sport using your body to get from one point to another using the quickest way possible using various movements like vaulting, rolling, and all other kinds of acrobatic stuff, but keep in mind that this is not acrobatics. Parkour has now become very popular through all of the different forms of media. Still don’t know what parkour is? Well then, back to where we started. Tracuers are people who practice parkour and train to be able to identify and utilize alternate or more efficient paths through or over an obstacle. A Traceur never goes around. Efficiency also includes finding and taking the safest route. If you’re hurt you can’t be very efficient. Tracuers take the most direct, and the safest path through their course. Developing your level of spatial awareness is often used to help development in areas like that. If you’re good enough at that you can avoid all types of injuries. Parkours motto, yet unofficial, “etre et durer” which means to be and to last, basically describes parkour in one sentence. French soldiers used to use parkour as a military strategy, that’s where the quote came from. Now the speed part. For example there’s a set of stairs leading up to where you want to go and at the top of those stairs there is a railing that is very inconveniently in the way. Well if a Traceur is

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