NCAA Drug Testing

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The use of illegal substances is rapidly increasing in the college sports due to the expansion of supplements used by athletes that are being banned. In a study done, athletes were asked if illicit drugs would negatively impact their performance. Majority of them responded “yes”, their main reasoning being; the effects of illicit drugs were both mental and physically damaging. Illicit drugs come in many forms, but the testing procedures are all the same for any substance. There is almost always a consequence with the use of prohibited substances. Drug testing is appropriate to help ensure the safety of student athletes while they participate in intercollegiate contests. (Krotee, M 555). Before a contestant participates in the sport that he or she is anticipating, they first, must sign consent to participate in drug testing. This is a document that they must sign, which states that they are subject to random drug test, they must comply or suffer the consequences of not participating. There are many categorizes of drugs, such as; stimulants, which can induce temporary improvements in both mental and physical function. Anabolic agents, which scored a 1.1% usagea at the college level,in the Study of Substance Use and Abuse habits(Green). Steroids are mostly taken by men, because they act as a testosterone. Caffeine, which is both a diuretic and a stimulant. caffeine is illegal in excessive amounts of 3-13 mg/kg of body weight(Maria). This much caffeine may improve ones results

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