Track Multi Target As Camera Motion Essay

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MCMC particle filter In this project, it is challenging issue to track multi-target as camera motion is unknown. To deal with this issue and targets occlusion, the camera parameters are calculated and targets were also tracked within the 3D coordinates [W. Choi] at the same time. To be specific, it is aimed 1) to solve the multi-object tracking issue by using a single non-calibrated camera, [W. Choi] 2). to deal with complicated scenes in which multiple pedestrians are moving and occluding each other [W. Choi] at the same time, 3). to calculate the 2D/3D trajectories within the camera reference system [W. Choi]. The important task in this project was to calculate camera parameters (such as camera pose and focal length of a camera) and track objects such as pedestrians as they move in the scene [W. Choi]. Tracks are helpful in calculating the parameters of a camera by using their velocity and scale within the image plane; simultaneously, camera parameters can help to follow objects very robustly as previous important information is available. This enables to calculate object 3D trajectories in the reference system of a camera. The author used a simplified camera model which allows finding a powerful compact relationship between the variables such as camera parameters and target, with the help of projection constraints of a camera. The identification of a handful of feature tracks which associated with the static background allows adding extra constraints to the camera
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